Become unforgettable

Turn your thought leadership into visuals people understand and remember

You're a visionary, but are people
getting the full picture?

Let's be honest...your brilliant ideas deserve to be understood, remembered, and repeated.
As a trailblazing thought leader, you pour your heart into creating mind-shifting content. But does it truly connect?
If people are scratching their heads more than nodding in agreement, it's time to level up.
This is where I come in - I'm Phil, the secret sauce behind unforgettable visionaries.
With my Hollywood background, I'll transform your thought leadership and ideas
into a storytelling experience people can't stop talking about.

People Don't "Get" Your Genius (Yet)
You've got game-changing ideas and an audience hungry for transformation.
But here's the harsh reality:
• People take too long to understand what you do (ain't nobody got time for that!)
• Your visuals are blah...definitely not repping your iconic personal brand  
• People constantly misunderstand your brilliance because words alone just don't cut it  
• You're trying to explain complex concepts, but it all comes out feeling inaccessible
So, maybe your visuals are stale, your stories are meh,
or you simply don't have a cohesive way to depict your big ideas yet.
Whatever it is, the disconnect is real!

Get the attention you want for the ideas you have.

As your creative partner, I'll decode your thought leadership into visuals that light up people's minds.
Using a killer combo of strategy, design wizardry, and pure imagination, we'll craft:

Signature Visual Frameworks That Make Your Ideas Stick
Eye-catching visuals that anchor your unique methodologies so they're unforgettable.  

Engaging Visual Storytelling
Compelling narratives that bring your verbal communication to life and keep people captivated.

Translation of Complex to Simple
No more confusion! We'll visualize your most advanced concepts in refreshingly simple ways.

In short - I'll be your very own "visionary translator," ensuring your magic finally
lands in a way people deeply understand and embrace.

Here's how it works

Whether you’re in the idea development phase, idea communication phase or the idea promotion phase we’ll use the engines of motion design, illustration and art direction to bring attention to your ideas in unforgettable ways through a 5 step process.

Learn more

We'll unpack the core philosophies and frameworks at the heart of your work. Through deep dialogues, I'll download your unique genius into my mind (and sketchpad!)

I'll envelope your ideas in visual narratives and signature visual models tailored to your brand's essence. Using strategic storytelling and dynamic visuals, we'll make your insights stick.

You'll emerge with a suite of powerful assets - visual presentations, framework visuals, digital tools - you name it. You'll be equipped to captivate any audience and make a lasting impact.  

Bottom line
People will "get it" instantly when you share your ideas through
visual mediums crafted with cinematic-level quality and attention to detail.

Communicators that led with their signature framework:

  • Communicated more clearly
  • Increased persuasion and trust

  • Confidently guided their conversations

  • Increased conversions
  • Kept their teams focused and culture collaborative
If you're looking for someone who is a talented visual storyteller with the ability to manage a project, hit deadlines, articulate clearly, communicate with you at your pace and bring your visuals to life...Phil is the obvious choice for that. I had such a great experience with him we recommend him to lots our clients at Brand Builders Group.
Co-Founder | Brand Builders Group
New York Times Best Selling author
“I’m always fascinated to see
how people develop new, innovative
forms of communication on social media, and that’s why Phil’s work caught
my attention. I’ve been delighted
by every graphic he’s made for me,
and I know my audience has too.”
Jason Feifer
Editor in chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
Phil Lashley is a creative genius who knows how to translate vision into reality.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to any author who is seeking to elevate their promotional strategy with assets that move the heart and mind.
I will absolutely use his services again!
Nona Jones
International speaker, Author
Chief content + Partnerships officer at YouVersion
Working with Phil on a motion design campaign was an absolute treat. Phil exudes excellence through every step of the process. He communicates with clarity, cares deeply about the projects he takes on, and produces top notch work that stands out in today’s increasingly noisy marketing landscape. I look forward to working with Phil on future projects and couldn’t recommend him more highly.
Mark Glesne
Marketing Director - HarperCollins Christian Publishing
"Phil is a story telling genius. He has a unique gift to bring content to life through motion... brilliantly simple animation."
Scott Williams
CEO, NxtLevel Solutions / International Speaker
Phil is always our go to motion designer for a variety of our projects. From sizzle reels to logo animation to business video marketing materials. He always over delivers and delivers on time.
Ambert Rodriguez
Chief Creative Officer & Partner at
Phil and his team are amazing. They took our vision and developed a beautiful showreel to showcase our projects. With cool interactions and attention to detail, the team does an amazing job!!
John D. Saunders
Founder / Creative director


"It's not how creative you are, it's how you are creative." - Phil Lashley

Don't settle for anything less than unforgettable

You're changing lives through your thought leadership. But to spark real transformation, you need people to understand, engage, and advocate for your ideas in a profound way.I'm here to uplevel your visual brand and ensure your pioneering frameworks and ideas leave a lasting imprint on the world. When we blend our powers, there's no limit to the impact you can make.This is your moment to be truly unforgettable.

make your IDEAS
come alive


Express your ideas visually because your ideas are worth remembering.

As a young guy visuals always made me understand things much quicker. Sorry, let me rephrase...without visuals I hardly understood anything!!!

Now as an adult, I find myself helping idea makers connect faster with their recipients by crafting thoughtful visuals to build excitement and memorable interest round their ideas.

What they
candidly think

"Phil is amazing!!! He's thorough. He's easy to work with. He caters to your specific need. I won't be calling on anyone else to do motion graphic work for me! He's IT!"

Chandler Moore

Stellar & multi - Grammy Award Winner,
Songwriter, Worship Leader

chandler moore