Phil Lashley is a Visual Storyteller using motion design, custom illustration or art direction to help you express your ideas visually.

Become unforgettable

Transform your vision into visuals people understand and remember

Communicating ideas that connect isn’t easy.

Let's talk about something real: the struggle of getting your ideas across. 😩
You pour your energy into crafting something meaningful, only to watch it fall flat when
you share it with the people you need it to connect to. It's disheartening, to say the least.

But here's the thing - people only understand and remember what they connect with.
Whether you're an executive or a sales pro, launching a new venture, or giving a keynote, I've got your back.
Let's collaborate to create visuals that not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impression.

Get the attention you want for the ideas you have.

Your ideas matter. They're not just fleeting thoughts—they're the seeds of something great.
But again,  let's be real, getting noticed in today's world is no easy feat. That's where I come in.
Before we dive into the visuals, let's take a step back and really understand what your idea is all about.

Whether you find yourself in the middle of ideation, striving to communicate your vision,
or seeking to promote your concept to the world, my tailored approach ensures your message
resonates at every stage of its evolution.

Using the storytelling engines of motion design, illustration, and a strategic narrative,
I'll help your ideas come to life in a way that captivates, inspires, and lingers
in the minds of your audience long after you’ve left the stage, pitch or meeting.
With my five-step process, we'll create visuals that not only grab attention
but also make a real impact. So let's do this—together.

My 5 step process

Whether you’re in the idea development phase, idea communication phase or the idea promotion phase we’ll use the engines of motion design, illustration and art direction to bring attention to your ideas in unforgettable ways through a 5 step process.

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This is your moment to purge all the thoughts you have around your ideas while I listen. Now that it’s all out, I’ll gather the key thoughts and strategize a game plan for your ideas.

Here I'll scrape beneath the surface to see the problem beneath the problem to extract the essence of your ideas.

Deep dive
Is where I dive beneath the surface using
my F.R.A.M.E method to position your ideas
to be remembered and easily understood.

Design & animation
Following the principle of illustration over explanation, the magic begins as I work
to bring your content to life.

You get your ideas packaged as custom illustrations or into multiple video formats ready for all your communications needs. Now you can share unforgettable ideas that are not only clear but also ideas that build real connection.

Communicators and teams that used this kind of visual support for their ideas :

  • Communicate more clearly
  • Increase persuasion and trust

  • Confidently guide the conversation

  • Leave a visual legacy
If you're looking for someone who is a talented visual storyteller with the ability to manage a project, hit deadlines, articulate clearly, commnicate with you at your pace and bring your visuals to life...Phil is the obvious choice for that. I had such a great experience with him we recommend him to lots our clients at Brand Builders Group.
Co-Founder | Brand Builders Group
New York Times Best Selling author
“I’m always fascinated to see
how people develop new, innovative
forms of communication on social media, and that’s why Phil’s work caught
my attention. I’ve been delighted
by every graphic he’s made for me,
and I know my audience has too.”
Jason Feifer
Editor in chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
Phil Lashley is a creative genius who knows how to translate vision into reality.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to any author who is seeking to elevate their promotional strategy with assets that move the heart and mind.
I will absolutely use his services again!
Nona Jones
International speaker, Author
Chief content + Partnerships officer at YouVersion
Working with Phil on a motion design campaign was an absolute treat. Phil exudes excellence through every step of the process. He communicates with clarity, cares deeply about the projects he takes on, and produces top notch work that stands out in today’s increasingly noisy marketing landscape. I look forward to working with Phil on future projects and couldn’t recommend him more highly.
Mark Glesne
Marketing Director - HarperCollins Christian Publishing
"Phil is a story telling genius. He has a unique gift to bring content to life through motion... brilliantly simple animation."
Scott Williams
CEO, NxtLevel Solutions / International Speaker
Phil is always our go to motion designer for a variety of our projects. From sizzle reels to logo animation to business video marketing materials. He always over delivers and delivers on time.
Ambert Rodriguez
Chief Creative Officer & Partner at
Phil and his team are amazing. They took our vision and developed a beautiful showreel to showcase our projects. With cool interactions and attention to detail, the team does an amazing job!!
John D. Saunders
Founder / Creative director


"When you tie a feeling to your information, the information becomes more memorable." - Jim Kwik (author of Limitless)

Don’t hold your content hostage.

Coming up with the idea was the easy part, but let’s not limit the potential of your idea.
Imagine how far and fast you can go if you give your idea a chance to come alive.

make your IDEAS
come alive


Express your content visually because your ideas are worth remembering.

As a young guy visuals always made me understand things much quicker. Sorry, let me rephrase...without visuals I hardly understood anything!!!

Now as an adult, I find myself helping idea makers connect faster with their recipients by crafting thoughtful visuals to build excitement and memorable interest round their ideas.

What they
candidly think

"Phil is amazing!!! He's thorough. He's easy to work with. He caters to your specific need. I won't be calling on anyone else to do motion graphic work for me! He's IT!"

Chandler Moore

Stellar & multi - Grammy Award Winner,
Songwriter, Worship Leader

chandler moore