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phil lashley

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Often times people have good ideas in their heads but don't know how to express them effectively. Its like these ideas are trapped inside your head or some invisible barrier blocks others from quickly understanding and getting excited about it.  

This can quickly lead to misinterpretation, confusion or people not grasping the real essence of what you’re trying to communicate.

I believe that expressing your ideas with visual storytelling is the fastest way to be understood while building excitement in the process, and thats how I help my clients.

They’re now able to share the idea with more confidence knowing its expressed in a way that connects not only visually but on an emotion level.

Because expressing ideas with visual storytelling allows people to not only see... but feel your ideas.

Have you ever imagined a room upside down while wooden horses rode up and down in the carousel of a fan? Have you ever created an army of valiant soldiers who launched small coconuts as hand grenades, pierced their enemies with papaya branches and sailed stormy seas on the mighty ship of a cherry tree? Most of us give up this childlike imagination when we become adults, but this was what allowed me to create animations and illustrations that made people curious.

It was that kind of imagination that sparked story ideas and inspired me to work with award-winning commercial and entertainment studios in Hollywood and some of the fastest-growing tech and creative church teams across North America. I've had the honor of having my insights and work featured by influential personal brands like The Drew Barrymore Show, global keynote speakers like Rory Vaden, Nona Jones, Scott Williams and Multi Grammy Award Winner Chandler Moore. I've also worked with authors like Max Lucado, Tim Keller and more for HarperCollins Publishing.

If you were to ask me, some of my favorite work has been with everyday people who dared to take a chance on sharing their powerful ideas with the world. But regardless of who you are, I'm driven to leverage my imaginative visual storytelling skills to help pioneers like you amplify your transformative ideas into magnetic, unforgettable visual experiences that spark curiosity, forge connections, and ultimately change lives.

“Imagination is the key that unlocks the door to visualizing your ideas.”
- Phil Lashley
Pen and ink charcoal sketch of a a big douglas fir tree with small trees on opposite sides
Pen and ink charcoal sketch of people ascending a hill with umbrellas

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Frequently asked questions

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5 star review from a client for motion graphics design

Phil does great work all around and is an awesome person to collaborate with. Always strong on communication and great at finding creative visual solutions for the ideas we present.
I highly recommend working with Phil!

paula najas

Director of Operations at wheelhouse

paula najas

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