Behind the Scenes

Wheelhouse Sizzle Reel

Problem / Objective

Wheelhouse is a digital product studio rethinking innovative brands.

The challenge was to distill all their best work into a few key moments that sparked curiosity

in the form of a brand new sizzle.

Motion design direction

I wanted Wheelhouse’s logo to shine in this piece so we found the perfect excuse to use one of their logo elements as a trigger to start the piece.

The major win for this project was the process and workflow.

Unashamedly, I used my F.R.A.M.E method, which quickly enabled both myself and the agency team to pull together key assets and insights into a FigJam board. This made it extremely easy for the team to share specific Figma projects that allowed me to pull elements over to Adobe After Effects.

“Full visual expression allows you to communicate ideas faster and be remembered along the way.” - Phil lashley

How I used F.R.A.M.E

The “F” in my F.R.A.M.E method stands for “Feelings - Simply asking what feelings do we want to evoke?”

For “Feelings” I went for “the feeling of fun and a touch of nostalgia.”

Nostalgia by referencing that classic board game “4 in a Row” and

Fun by the way that helped the agency’s green dot moved in and out of the scenes for intro and outtro. It was a semi playful character. This along with a dope audio track that never got tired of hearing then set the foundation for an array of beautifully designed UI projects to the screen.

Guiding words

Driving words for our sizzle video were 2D shapes | Geometry Energy | a sense of always growing or building | UI micro moves | circular motions.

These words gave extreme clarity in the pre production phase and also encouraged our client to finalize their own tag line for another WIN!


Wheelhouse is a award winning agency for good reason, so cutting really good designs for the final cut was very challenging.

Another thing I did on the front end was to ensure our After Effects project was robust and set up in such a way that it allowed for quick swaps of scenes.


Creative director: Ambert Rodriguez

Art direction + Motion design: Phil Lashley

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