Behind the Scenes

The Healthier Customer Journey

From rough notes to a memorable customer journey

When introducing Motion design under the broader umbrella of Visual storytelling, I knew I would have some explaining to do, but from my first client call with Health coach Dr. Alice, she got it right away.

Everything became crystal clear when I introduced my FRAME method and applied it to her idea of a journey map.

From rough notes

To rough sketches

To final illustrations

Problem / Objective

Our task was to essentially design the customer’s journey for our client and express it in a a way that is not only easy to understand but also relatable.

Our finished designs an animations now sits as a foundation for our client to use across

her visual communication such as future books, keynotes and even courses.

It’s in essence a visual storytelling tool set that makes her stand out and be better remembered.

"It's good to be understood but better to be remembered." Phil Lashley

Art direction

After using our F.R.A.M.E method, we agreed that the viewer should feel a sense of adventure and excitement. As if they’re invited into a park along a trail, discovering vital pieces of information as they stop along the way. Each stop marks a pivotal land marker.


Although it was along the theme of self discovery and adventure we were very careful not to include the common visuals for nautical theme which came naturally.

Choosing our visual style was also carefully done since there were so many directions to choose from. We really wanted to evoke that magical, almost childlike feeling without going too playful.

Major lessons learnt

1- Delegate when possible.

Instead of me doing full execution on this project I decided to invite a fellow illustrator artist into the mix. Laura nailed it as she usually does…with very little art direction from me.

This not only allowed me more time to focus on the overall creative direction but it even showed me that including another set of eyes and mind really adds more value to the overall quality.

2- Don’t avoid digging deeper with clients

Ok, so digging deeper sounds a bit aggressive but all I’m saying is it’s well worth asking the hard and deeper questions on the front end to full understand our clients. Just having intentional conversations about what these visual stories will do and what do they mean for them.

Alice was gracious to allow me 30mins of a recorded zoom call which not only supplied me with content to reuse over social media but I got some great insights…more than I ever knew about the clients I’m invested in service with visual storytelling. Thank you Alice!

Client feedback

From idea to finished product, Phil was responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. I am very proud of the work we created and I know it will be a differentiator for me and my business.

- Alice Burron

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