Motion Designer / Art Director


My Name is Phil and I’m constantly curious about Motion Design, Art Direction & User Experiences.


Professional  Note

This Motion Design Portfolio showcases a range of organic, playful and industrial title + logo treatments for live conferences, corporations, studio identities, experimental projects and campaigns for non profit organizations.

The goal in every project was to simply capture the essence of what the client needed and influencing it visually to strengthen their brand identity. I’m also

Also in the showcase are some special Rotoscoping commercial projects.


Personal Note

While growing up in Barbados I love storytelling, especially listening to tales of ‘Anansi’ stories. If you’ve never heard of Anansi, you have to just google it. It’s a simple series of great Caribbean folk storytelling for ALL ages 😀 .

From there I grew curious about visual communication, fine arts and anything motion. When I’m allowed, I happen to enjoy infusing these techniques into my projects.

The opportunities I’ve had with my commercial and non-profit clients have provided me with a playground to dream, create and impact ….for this I’m thankful.

I also have a crazy love for Wedding Photography and fine chocolate!

Thanks for stopping by.