Event Promo

Video Promo for Teaching Series.


Art direction, Illustration, Motion Design


New City Church

Event promo video


A New Year teaching series that kicks off on how to grow your faith in practical ways.

Client Notes.

My thought is to illustrate something growing (the graphic is meant to look kind of like an emmer of wheat). So you could illustrate growth in some way,

playing with textures, movement, and geometry, and animating words/phrases…that’s basically what I’m thinking.

Brand personality.

Fun, Illustrative, Organic, Hopeful, Introspective yet light.

Visual concept.

Our seeds of faith can grow to sustain us.

Creative direction.

To highlight our theme of growth, we will visually explore the growing of letter form, short phrases, shapes and textures

all building up to our final ending title.

Overall, the motion design + our key phrases will aim to help viewers feel a sense that we are all on a NEW growth journey together to kick off 2021.

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